Your Participation in God’s Love is Changing Lives!

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Praying with a family during a visit.
Your Participation in God’s Love is Changing Lives! »

Since SGA began the Christ Over COVID outreach in the spring, we have received an incredible number of reports from missionary pastors.

1911 Sga Nov Update Preview
You Are Reaching Abandoned Children in the Caucasus Region! »

In the Caucasus mountain region of Georgia, a man named Demna and his wife Lena approached a dilapidated apartment. They were not prepared for what they would find.

God Himself Sent You to Me!
God Himself Sent You to Me! »

Not long ago, we received a wonderful report from Dr. Levan, an SGA-sponsored missionary pastor and practicing medical doctor in the former Soviet country of Georgia. In just a few short sentences,

1909 Sga Oct Enews From A Missionary Pastor Preview
From a Missionary Pastor in Georgia: God Uses Your Support to Help Open Doors! »

In our ministry, we continue to work with children, youth, and with families. This is how we successfully preach the Gospel in this region.

Ministry in Georgia
Faithful Ministry in the Republic of Georgia »

My time in Georgia has been wonderful beyond words. The brothers who are participating in Bible training classes are humble, they love the Scripture, they love others, and they are sacrificially

Compassion Ministry Georgia
A Struggling Family Receives God’s Blessings through SGA Compassion Ministry »

An encouraging report from a ministry team member in Georgia Life has been hard for one of our neighbors. At one time they had lived very well and they had enough money — but they had acquired it

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