The Gospel in the War Zone

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Crisis Evangelism Fund

Sunday School in a War Zone
You’re Giving Them Sunday School—in a War Zone! »

For more than four years, eastern Ukraine has been a war zone. Armed conflict with separatist militias has shattered thousands of lives, killed more than 10,000 people, and devastated local

Ukrainian Churches Plan Days of Prayer for Peace in Ukraine »

Today I received a message from Pastor Valery Antonyuk, president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union. He reports that fighting has broken out again in the separatist eastern regions of the country, and

Ukraine Preview
Ukraine: Celebrating the Reformation with Evangelism »

This past October marked a major milestone— the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. And in Ukraine, yet another major milestone took place when President Petro Poroshenko issued a

The People of Eastern Ukraine Continue to Endure the Trauma of War
The People of Eastern Ukraine Continue to Endure the Trauma of War »

  In recent days, fighting has flared up again in eastern Ukraine. The latest media reports say cease-fires have been violated by both sides with artillery, machine guns, grenade launchers and

The Gospel in the War Zone »

We praise God for your support of SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund, which brings together opportunities for humanitarian aid and preaching the Gospel.

The Gospel Goes to Prison »

My church has been visiting a local penal colony since 1996. The worship service takes place in a room that seats 40 people. I began the ministry alone, but later other believers joined in to help in

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