How You Helped Lead Children to Christ in Russia

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Missionary Pastors

1911 Sga Nov Enews B Your Support Helped Preview
Your support helped rescue Alexandra from a Russian prison and the chains of sin »

Alexandra Iskalina reports from Novosibirsk, Russia I am so thankful for the ladies in the prison ministry team from the church—and for those who helped their ministry through SGA. If that is you,

Pastor Mark Zhuk
Your Support for SGA-Sponsored Bible Training Helps Lay a Solid Foundation for Troubled Times »

Pastor Mark Zhuk writes of how the biblical foundation he received at Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary helped him during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SGA Missionary Pastors
Your Love Helps SGA “in Many Hardships” »

A letter of thanks from pastors and ministry leaders in Belarus When generous friends like you share generously at Christmastime through your prayers and support, it means SGA missionary pastors

1905 Sga May Enews Your Gifts Help Preview
Your Gifts Help Hurting Ukrainian Refugee Families »

Report from an SGA-sponsored pastor near the war zone Gennady Savenkov, SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Zaporozhye, Ukraine Three years ago, refugees from the Donetsk region in the eastern Ukraine

Brave Biblical Leaders
Your Gifts Are Watering a Fresh Crop of Brave Biblical Leaders in the Former Soviet Union! »

Twenty-seven years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed. That means an entire generation has grown up with no memory of life under communism. Tragically, the spiritual vacuum created by seven decades of

1908 Sga Sep Enews Young Couple Brings Jesus Preview
Young Couple Brings Jesus to Far-Away Chukotka! »

From Moscow and California, they live in Far East Russia to bring good news to despairing people We both recently traveled to the Far East region of Chukotka, located in the extreme northeast right

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