How You Helped Reach Over 81,800 Young Hearts and Adults at Christmas

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Children and Youth

Youth-Led Immanuels Child in Far East Russia »

Eric Mock checking in again from Far East Russia. We were blessed to be able to assist Pastor Benjamin Livtsenyuk and his church in Christmas outreach to children in his area. This church is located

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Youth Sharing the Gospel in Belarus »

Finally, the youth gave to the residents Christian brochures, wafers and mandarin oranges. It was a blessing that, for the first time, the leadership of the retirement home allowed us to walk to the

Julia with her new Bible.
Your Support Sows Seeds . . . and Changes Lives! »

Ministry to Christian and non-Christian families in Achinsk, Russia, has continued to take place even in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

1906 Sga Jul Enews Your Support Reaches Preview
Your Support Reaches Orphans in Central Asia »

With every day that passes, oppression of evangelical churches is steadily increasing across the former Soviet countries of Central Asia.

Reaching and Baptizing Youth in Ukraine
Your Support Allows Me to Spread the Gospel! »

Reaching and Baptizing Youth in UkraineRoman Kravchuk SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Ukraine  I am so full of gratitude for your concern and support for my ministry in

2110 Sga Oct Enews Your Prayers Are Working Preview
Your Prayers are Working to Reach Hundreds of Children in Kineshma . . . But More Prayer is Urgently Needed »

Pastor Dmitri Rastrigin SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Kineshma, Russia God has blessed our town and local children in a miraculous way. He sent us wonderful ministers—people of prayer—and I

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Your donation will help change lives in former Soviet Union countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.