Within days, your name will be written on your Star of Bethlehem ornament. It will be handed to a waiting child in the former Soviet Union.

But here’s something else you can do for the precious child who receives your Christmas ornament . . .

You can give your child a Russian-language children’s Bible, along with a special Christmas gift, for just $25!

Every Christmas, Slavic Gospel Association—bringing Christ to the lands of Russia since 1934—helps more than 300 biblically sound churches reach out through our Immanuel’s Child outreach in 11 countries. Immanuel is a name given to Jesus in the Bible: “God with us” (Matthew 1:23).

But most children in Russia and the surrounding countries have never been told who Jesus—Immanuel—is.

They’ve never been told that there is a God who deeply loves them, who sent His Son to be “God with us” . . . to die on a cross for their sins . . . to rise from the dead . . . to offer to forgive their sins and give them new and eternal life!

With your help and God’s blessing, we will tell more than 40,000 children about the true Jesus this Christmas! Many family members will also hear.

Along with your ornament, will you give $25 or more to help reach these forgotten children? Your loving Immanuel’s Child gift helps provide:

  1. Delivery of your signed Star of Bethlehem ornament.
  2. A Russian-language Children’s Bible—their first ever—along with Christian literature to help as church workers follow up. Whole families and communities are transformed!
  3. A special Christmas gift—purchased locally, lovingly prepared, and presented by Russian-speaking church workers.

God uses these!

Atheists and agnostics have come to Christ. Muslims have come to Christ. Bitter, hopeless orphans have come to Christ.

And through Immanuel’s Child, they get plugged in to weekly Bible studies and biblically sound churches . . . and grow spiritually.

Will you give $25 to provide a Children’s Bible, Christian literature, a special Christmas present, and follow-up care to a girl or boy?

This Christmas, know the joy of reaching a child halfway around the world for Christ.

Atheists, addicts . . . kids and often their parents will come to Christ at Christmas! Please help us reach at least 40,000 with ornaments and Bibles in the coming weeks!

YES, this Christmas I want the joy of knowing I’ve changed a hurting child’s life forever!