Urgent Prayer Needs:
  • Pray for peace as people are told to prepare for the worst. They were warned that water and electricity might be cut off. Most believers are staying in the city.
  • Words from a soldier, speaking to a believer: “We feel your prayerful support. Sometimes something really incomprehensible happens, as if someone's invisible hand is really taking bullets and shells from us, and they fly past us. From very difficult situations we emerge victorious, as if someone is accompanying us. We become invisible to the enemy, we see ourselves even in the dark, and we know what to do and how to do it. It inspires us and gives us strength. We believe that the Lord Jesus himself is for Ukraine. Please do not stop, support us and continue to pray. We really need you."
  • SGA-supported missionary pastor from Chernigov region asks us to pray for God’s protection. He has no opportunity to flee to a safer place.
  • SGA-supported pastor from western Ukraine said that people are in great panic and fear. Pray for peace in Ukraine.
  • Please pray Hebrews 13:6 for Benjamin B. and our Christian family members sheltering at an SGA-supported seminary in northern Ukraine: “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What will man do to me?”
  • Praise from an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine: “We see that through the Compassion Ministry not only the physical needs of the people are met, but also the fruits of repentance and thanksgiving to God are being produced in abundance!”
  • A prayer from an SGA-supported church in Ukraine: “Every day our country is experiencing destruction and annihilation. Darkness is coming, there are many lies. But the truth will win, and we believe that the light of God's protection and peace will shine.”
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