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War is now raging between Russia and Ukraine. In Ukraine, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons… all men must stay behind to defend their country. And the women, children, and elderly who can escape are fleeing with almost nothing! But getting stuck on roadsides, and with infrastructure damaged or over-used – and even dangerous shelling – they risk death. If they survive the harrowing journey to safety, they must then find shelter. But churches, civic centers, and homes are filling up quickly. Those who stay in Ukraine will surely suffer the most, and the impact on children will be unthinkable. Ukrainians need our urgent, intercessory prayers, and our physical help.

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SGA, through our sponsored churches, pastors, and missionaries, has been ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of people in Ukraine since 1934. And we will continue to work through our network of churches to support them spiritually and physically in the months and years to come, by God’s grace.

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