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Jeremiah 33:3

April 26—The SGA family is thankful for generous charitable foundations in North America that help underwrite a portion of our ministries across the CIS. Ask for God’s abundant blessing and return for their investment in His kingdom work.

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Innercircle Perspective

Since children are very important to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, children are also very important to the Slavic Gospel Association. As He is building His church, we are committed to helping His local churches reach the children in their communities.

Weak in the Flesh But Strong in Christ!

In Russia’s vast Krasnoyarsk region, SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Viktor Bogushevich is hard at work sharing the Gospel at every opportunity and praising the Lord for the harvest. Not long ago, Viktor wrote to tell us the story of an elderly man named Yuri—won to saving faith in Christ through the struggles of his son.

Ukraine: Crisis Evangelism Update

Recently Eric Mock, SGA’s vice president of ministry operations, had the opportunity to travel to Ukraine. While there, he visited with some of our partner churches who have set up refugee centers for those displaced by the continuing conflict in the eastern part of the country. Eric shares part of his journey.

Visiting Orphans Reborn in Action

Today, I visited an orphanage in Vovchik, Ukraine, which is a village located in the Chernobyl area. I accompanied the Orphans Reborn team from Revival Church, which included Pastor Yaroslav Machinsky, and OR coordinator Grigory Karpov. Grigory was raised in an orphanage himself. He is married and has a daughter. He and his wife have carried on the OR ministry in Vovchik for a long time.

Encouraging Sisters in Christ

As one of the coordinators of the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn ministry in Central Asia, Larisa Zotova maintains a very busy schedule visiting children’s homes and sharing Christ’s love with lonely, forgotten orphans. But she also finds time for women’s ministry, and she recently wrote to tell us of a special conference held earlier this month at a key local church.

Preaching the Word . . . In Season and Out of Season

As difficult as evangelical church ministry in Belarus can be due to opposition, the Lord continues to build His church as He promised. SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Sergei K. is one who lives out the example of 2 Timothy 4:2. Beginning at the end of 2014 and into this year, Sergei has held five evangelistic outreaches.

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