Editor’s Note: The images and testimony below were provided by an SGA-supported network of churches in Ukraine. 

“There is too much work in the field of God, especially now, at this time,” said Vitaly, a person in charge of distributing humanitarian aid for an SGA-sponsored church at a region in Ukraine. “Lots of displaced people, refugees asking the church for help. And, praise God, we can serve those people!”

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Recently, upwards of 70,000 refugees have arrived in this region of Ukraine, and many have left everything behind. This astounding number, however, has not daunted SGA-supported pastors and churches on the ground. Instead, they are more inspired than ever to feed the hungry, provide clothing and shelter for the needy, and share the Good News of the Gospel.

“There was an incident when a young lady with two children was looking for help on the Internet and found our church and phoned us asking for help,” explained Vitaly. “She was in great need. She and her children were hungry and had no money. We helped her financially, with food and witnessed about God.”

Vitaly and his team received humanitarian aid from Pastor Henrich in Poland through SGA efforts. They are continuing to distribute as much as they can, but the need for more aid continues to grow. Suffering refugees are seeking out the churches for help, and SGA-supported Christians are responding.

“There are people who cannot come to church,” continued Vitaly, “so we deliver food to their homes. We help them financially as much as possible. All people are very happy and grateful… Most of them have nowhere to return, as their houses have been destroyed, they have lost their jobs, and people had been hungry for weeks. They were under shelling of the Russian army and had to hide in basements. Arriving in our city, they were warmly and sympathetically received, especially by Christians. Many of them with tears of gratitude accepted the aid granted by you through us!”

Stories coming from these refugees are filled with horror and pain. Families, including children and teenagers, have witnessed great atrocities and left behind everything. Yet because of friends like you, there is still hope.

“People are very grateful to God and the people who help them and those who donated this food aid to Ukraine! We are grateful to Christian friends who support us at this difficult time. Thank you very much for your care! The warmest greetings to all the friends who have taken care of these needy and hungry people!

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