Herman Dzheriev
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Beslan, Russia

Pastor Herman received recognition for being a blood donor.
Pastor Herman received recognition for being a blood donor.

About 10 years ago, I decided to begin regularly donating blood for seriously ill patients, and I have been doing this 4-5 times per year. I hoped and prayed it would give me an opportunity to glorify my Savior Jesus Christ. 

One day last year, I received a call from the Republican Blood Donor Center asking me to come and receive a certificate for being an Honorary Blood Donor of Russia. When I came to the Center, I met the manager who also is a relative of mine. She asked me what I was doing there, and she was happy when I told her. She then asked me if I would give an interview to the local television station, and she would also ask a deputy from United Russia to present the certificate. 

When the time came for the interview, I gave short answers to their questions, and then told them why I came to donate in the beginning. I told them my testimony, and how I believed in Jesus and the blood He shed on the cross. They were surprised, and my final words were directed to the TV audience and to those gathered in the hall. “In my point of view, the most Honorary Donor of all time is Jesus Christ. Our human blood saves the life of a person for a short time, people thank us, and we are honored. But those who believe in the shed blood of Jesus Christ for their salvation will receive mercy and inherit eternal life!”

The journalists thanked me for the interview, but when it was broadcast two days later, my testimony had been edited out. But I am grateful to God because there were 40-50 people in the hall who heard it! Over the last several years, I have given Christian calendars with biblical text to medical workers at the Center. This past September, they actually asked me to bring the calendars again for 2021, and not to forget them!

There are many other aspects to my ministry here. We held Christmas ministry, and also have been able to distribute food to five needy families. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to give out the Word of God among medical workers, and I thank all of you who support my ministry and family with your prayers and material blessings. May God bless you!

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