Novosibirsk Bible Theological SeminaryA report from SGA team member Vladimir Nenastin in Russia

I want to tell you about a friend of mine — Dmitri Zheltov — who could have a book written about his life! Dmitri had been sentenced four times and served a total of 12 years in prison. While still an inmate, he suffered from an active form of tuberculosis and had one lung removed.

But God spared his life and found Dmitri in prison. After turning his life to Christ, Dmitri was a changed man. He taught himself to draw pictures, write and do woodcarving — all of which helped him to stay alive and not die of hunger. Dmitri also organized a group of 30 prisoners and began an outreach to them while still incarcerated. After his release, Dmitri continued this ministry.

Then the time came for Dmitri to get married. He met a Christian sister and made a proposal to her. When she revealed to Dmitri that doctors told her she could not have children, Dmitri believed God would help her — just like Sarah. Today, they are married with six children.

A recent painting by Dmitri Zheltov

A recent painting by Dmitri Zheltov

Dmitri graduated from the Novosibirsk Bible Theological Seminary, was ordained as a Pastor, and now serves God in Siberia. What’s more, one year ago Dmitri began drawing pictures again which he had not done since being incarcerated.

Dmitri’s testimony from prison to ministry shows the glory, might, and wisdom of our God! We praise Him for redeeming Dmitri’s life and blessing a changed man’s work for the Kingdom.

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