How God worked through Immanuel’s Child, SGA partners, and a faithful church family

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Michael with his wife Kaitlyn

At SGA, we frequently receive powerful testimonies from Russia and her neighboring countries that we love to share with you. While SGA does not facilitate child adoptions, this story is a truly amazing account of a young boy’s salvation through the Immanuel’s Child ministry, and how God is using the prayers and support of SGA partners to change many lives for eternity.

Michael Sproles’ Story:

I was born in 1993 in Ivanovo, Russia. I became an orphan in 2005 and ended up in an orphanage, where you have to learn how to survive. At times, you feel that no one cares for you except you. But on a cold winter day in 2005, I first came into contact with SGA and supporting partners. A group from Merriam Christian Chapel and Wallen Baptist Church in Indiana had come to Russia for the Immanuel’s Child ministry.

They came to our orphanage with gifts, and for an orphaned child to see Americans and meet them with the gifts was HUGE! Two of these Americans were a father and his daughter—Mark and Rachel Sproles. We exchanged addresses that day and began writing to each other. In November of 2006, they adopted me and I came to America a couple of weeks later.

If it wasn’t for people who listened to God and gave to SGA, I wouldn’t be here today, and I thank you! When my wife Kaitlyn and I got married, we definitely wanted to donate part of our offerings
to Slavic Gospel Association, and the reason was to help you spread God’s love to Russian kids—the love I received in what seems a long time ago!

Mark Sproles’ Story:

I had not even thought of going on a missions trip to this point. But God’s leading was clear. The first orphanage we went to was where I met Michael. We were sitting in a circle when the children came in, and Michael came right over and started talking to us the best he could. I knew there was something special about this young man, and we hit it off right away.

Later that night when we returned to our hotel, my daughter and I reflected on our day. I looked at her and said, “God sent us here to find our son, your brother.” She replied, “I knew you were going to say that!” I called my wife Margaret that night and told her, “I’ve found our son!” God worked so fast! There were roadblocks along the way but He removed them. We had to make two more trips, and then go to court for the adoption hearing. That’s when Michael officially became a Sproles. I know that God had all this planned out. Every single step! He used Immanuel’s Child to change Michael’s life and the lives of so many people along the way.

He has married a wonderful young lady, Kaitlyn, who he never would have met if not for SGA’s ministries. God has big plans for him and I’m excited to see what’s next!


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