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Editor’s Note: The report and images below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Central Asia.

“He cannot believe that such a great God came down to visit him while living in a cemetery and had mercy on him, while also preparing for him such a trip across the country, providing shelter for him, and securing his future.”

This statement is about a man who most likely felt forgotten by everyone. But God knew exactly where he was and what he needed. God sent a pastor from miles away to minister to this man and to share the Gospel with him. Not only was this man saved, but a path for securing his future was provided. And part of that path was led by the heart of the pastor who was burdened to help him. 

From the moment he heard of this man living in the cemetery, Pastor Serik could not stop thinking about him. God had laid it on his heart and his heart told him he had to go, and he couldn’t stop until the process was complete. God had prepared both hearts for this blessed meeting of strangers. His plans and purposes are always greater than we can ever imagine. 

We continue to thank God for these faithful missionary pastors who follow the heart of God to minister to others. Please keep reading and see how Serik shares at the end of his report that he is thankful for such opportunities . . .

It is my desire to share with you the joy and blessing that the Lord has given us and allowed us to be a part of it. I am referring to a person who lived in crypts similar to the man from the biblical story during the time of Jesus. This man indeed lived in a cemetery (no documents and one leg—he was wearing a prosthetic leg). If not for God, he would have died of hunger and cold a long time ago. 

I needed to take my mother to the south to visit her relatives (932 miles away), as she had asked me to take her there one last time. While there, she was hospitalized. I was concerned about her and doubted the rationality of my decision to take her to her relatives, but God had everything under control. While my mom was in the hospital, I was sent a photo and a video of a man who lived in a cemetery there. I attended a church service on Sunday, after which I felt a strong impulse to meet the man. I tried to push away such thoughts, but they seemed to come over me. So, I prayed and asked a brother who lived there to take me to the cemetery located out of town.

There, I met the man and was able to speak with him and pray for him. It turned out that the Lord had already prepared his heart. After our conversation, he prayed a prayer of repentance, and we clearly saw how he was literally transformed before our eyes. His eyes lit up with hope for life, and he started to rejoice like a little child. We spent several hours with him, as he shared his life with us. And we also rejoiced and thanked God for His great works and for His mercy toward such people, being convinced once again that He is the same yesterday and today. We then suggested that he go to a rehabilitation center, but unfortunately, he did not have the necessary documents. Additionally, the cost of treatment had to be paid for, which was a great obstacle for him.

We left the man in the cemetery because there was no place to take him. But, most importantly, he was rejoicing that we were the ones who had visited him, and it was a super-miracle for us. However, I lost my peace since I did not know what to do with him. We should have taken care of him, just like the good Samaritan did, but how could we do that, and where could we send him? Furthermore, my mom was still in the hospital.

For several days, I pondered that situation and prayed, contemplating various options. And, praise God, He showed me the way. They were ready to admit him to another rehabilitation center, located 932 miles away, without any documents or money (wasn’t that a miracle?). It was a test of my faith. I saw that the impossible became possible. Now, we were faced with the task of getting him to the rehab center. But, praise God, we were able to get the man there using a car.

He cannot believe that such a great God came down to visit him living in a cemetery and had mercy on him, while also preparing for him such a trip across the country, providing shelter for him, and securing his future. Even though it cost us $300, I think the miracle of saving even one person for eternity is priceless. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for making it possible for us to be a part of it. And in spite of all the difficulties, I have joy and praise Him for everything. I also thank you from the bottom of my heart for such opportunities. I want God to keep leading us on His path. Amen!  

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