1905 Sga Summer Camp Alina's Story Preview
May 03, 2019
1905 Sga Summer Camp Alina's Story Article Main

1905 Sga Summer Camp Alina’s Story Article Main

SGA team member Alexey Tukureev shares Alina’s story from the Orphans Reborn ministry in Krasnoyarsk 

At the orphanage in Primorsk there is a girl who has lived there for many years. Her name is Alina, and she ended up at the orphanage after her parents were killed in a car accident. Alina had no one who would take care of her. 

Alina always attended our Orphans Reborn Bible lessons. However, if we would talk about her school lessons, it was not so good. She always had hard time with school lessons. 

1905 Sga Summer Camp Alina's Story Secondary BThe last summer Alina went to our Christian rafting camp, Camp Sinai, she met and befriended a daughter of one of the pastors in Krasnoyarsk. Her name is Varya. After the camp, Alina and Varya continued their fellowship over the internetVarya also went to visit Alina at the orphanage, where Alina helped us with our meetings. 

Pavel and Svetlana, the parents of Varya, were inspired by this friendship and invited Alina to stay with them during the time of the sport eventUniversiadeOf course, Alina agreed and she spent 10 days with the family. The time of holidays went by very quickly and she needed to go back to the orphanage in order to continue her school. There were only two months left to study before the end of academic year. 

As they were parting, Pavel, said to Alina: “If you were willing, we could take you to stay with us as soon as you complete your studies at school. 

1905 Sga Summer Camp Alina's Story Secondary AAlina answered that she would think about it. But it did not take her long to think this over. Even before she arrived at the orphanage, she told everyone that she would have a new family at the end of May. 

I am really happy for her, and I am glad that Alina has such a good friend in Varya. Now in Krasnoyarsk, Alina has a place where she is really welcomed! 

Praise God also that Alina is also welcome in the body of Christ! Please pray for her spiritual growth and that truths she learned in Bible lessons will be applied in her life. This is our hope for all orphans we minister to, and we thank God for the support of believers like you who share in this work.  

“So then, while we have opportunity let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” Galatians 6:10 (NASB) 

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