An encouraging report from a ministry team member in Georgia

Life has been hard for one of our neighbors. At one time they had lived very well and they had enough money — but they had acquired it dishonestly.

Around seven years ago, the head of the family perished in an automobile accident and the family began to experience need. The husband of one of their daughters left, and she was left with two children to raise. A son went to prison, leaving his wife and two children to stay with his mother. The grandfather, who had tried to help them, died recently.

Now there are three women and four children in this family. One of the children is handicapped. They are living in a large house, but have no gas because it is constantly being shut off as they never have enough money to pay the utility bill on time. The adults work, but their joint income is less than $200 per month, making it nearly impossible to make ends meet.


We are trying to help them periodically with food, and the Compassion Ministry program has been very useful. We have been able to purchase food for them. They are very grateful to God for the help they receive from believers and that we are able to pass on His blessings to them.

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