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Editor’s Note: The story and images below were provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.
An Example Of Gods Love On Earth

One of the most loving ways a person can show another that they are loved and wanted is through adoption. God shows His children, those who believe in the truth of the Gospel, His love and mercy through our adoption into His family, even though we are most unworthy to receive it. And He allows us to be examples of His love here on Earth—through the hearts of men and women who long to love and care for children of their own. 

In the story below shared by SGA team member Angela, she states that Vasily and Ira’s five-year-old son is “. . . now theirs.  All theirs.  Fully theirs . . . adopted into a loving family held together by God’s grace!” What a privilege it is to be called a child of God, and what a comfort it is for a child to be adopted into a family held together by Him. Please pray for this blessed family as they grow in the love and grace of God and for their continued ministry with the orphans, who so greatly need to feel that same love of the Father. 

Vasily and Ira are SGA-supported missionaries who do ministry with two orphan homes and lead a small group with the graduate orphans.

Five-year-old Victor sat on his mother’s lap, bouncy and all-smiles as he played with her. His mother, Ira, gently massaged his back, drawing him close to herself in a great bear hug. She listened to his repetitive questions and patiently answered them, continuing to hold him close. He is now theirs. All theirs. Fully theirs . . . adopted into a loving family held together by God’s grace. 

Yet it wasn’t always this way. The man of the house, Vasily, who was an ex-lawyer, investigator, police-officer, and soldier, says, “My favorite hymn is ‘Amazing Grace’ because it was only by the grace and mercy of God that He accepted me, someone so dirty, and uses me now. . . .”

Years ago, due to the stress of his life and job, Vasily was heavily addicted to smoking and drinking. Going through about three packs of cigarettes a day, he never thought that the day would come when he would be freed from his habits. Yet the Lord stopped him in his sinful ways when a friend invited him to church one day. The Word of God convicted his heart, and he saw just how terrible his sin was. After repenting and getting baptized, Vasily met Ira, who later became his loving wife.  

Since 2013, the married couple have been working in the SGA-supported Orphans Reborn ministry in two regions of Ukraine. Their regular visits to the children’s homes would always bring happiness to children who were growing up without families. Each time, they shared the Gospel and surrounded the kids with warmth and love. 

Yet the full-scale war also brought changes to their ministry. Most of the kids from the orphanages are overseas, because both buildings where they worked were under Russian occupation. Right now, Vasily leads a teenage group of orphans who have already finished high school. As a family, they also serve with internally displaced persons from around the country, sharing the Gospel, building relationships, and communicating with people who are undergoing difficult times.

After having worked with orphans for many years, God put a desire into Vasily and Ira’s hearts to adopt an orphan boy themselves. The adoption process ended up being very tough, but Vasily’s background in law turned out to be of huge help. Who knew that one day, God would use his knowledge and skills to bring about positive changes in the documentation processes for orphans? After months of paperwork, beautiful, blonde-haired Victor joined their family.

Today, young Victor is a vivid illustration of God’s mercy on this family. Vasily, strong in his understanding of God’s undeserving grace, says, “I pray every day for mercy—not justice—because I know that I am unworthy. Yet what amazes me is this: He is faithful. He’s always nearby. He never leaves our family!”

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