Vladimir Khalyavin reports from an Orphanage in Esaulovo

Through Orphans Reborn, orphans throughout Russia are learning about Christ.Nikolai gives you an exciting example of how we want to keep in touch with the children we disciple in our meetings, using social media networks to do it.

Nikolai is in high school and lives at the orphanage in the village of Esaulovo, within the Krasnoyarsk region. We met him last year when he came to one of our Orphans Reborn meetings. He is a gifted young man who plays guitar and loves to draw. His dream is to become an architect, and he wants to enroll in a construction college after his graduation.

Think of the influence he could have for the Lord!

One day, he messaged us over the Internet. He said that he wanted to come to the city to see us. We arranged to have him go to church with us. In the morning I picked him up at the bus station, and then he went with my family to the service. This was Nikolai’s first visit to church, and he was so moved by the sermon that he wanted to participate in communion. He was also very glad to see some of our team members who had visited his orphanage with Bible lessons in previous years.

During his visit, Nikolai shared his plans for the future and asked us to pray that he could find a person to act as his supervisor. He desires to move to the city for school once he leaves his orphanage, and not have to travel from his village. Later, he sent me an email expressing his gratitude for the day we spent together.

Please pray for Nikolai, especially that he will continue to be drawn by the Lord and will come to Him in saving faith. And please keep praying for our ministry with the younger children, that God will bring them to Himself as they hear the Gospel and experience His love through us … for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary (Galatians 6:9).

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