Editor’s Note: The images Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-sponsored crisis pregnancy center in Russia. were provided by an SGA-sponsored church in Belarus.

For our Christian brothers and sisters who work at the Khabarovsk Pregnancy Center in Russia, it is a joy to hear how the people being helped say they feel loved. By offering services including counseling, legal assistance, training to improve relationships between parents and children — as well as providing clothing and baby supplies — the center is seeing unborn lives saved, families reuniting, and hearts changing because of the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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Expectant mothers in crisis are encouraged to keep their babies, and new mothers receive help with clothing and baby supplies.
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Through the center’s Transient Family program, children are able to stay temporarily with host families until they can be reunited with one or both parents.
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Classes for parents and children teach communication skills and help bring emotional stability to families so they can grow stronger.
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Ten families participated in the center’s first camp this past summer. Parents and children enjoyed recreation at the seashore and were enriched by Christian teaching.
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Home visits allow staff members to provide for basic needs — including groceries — and gain insight about the environment where children are living.
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