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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below were provided by an SGA team member in Russia.
At Church An Orphan Feels Safe And Accepted

In the story below you will read about Nastya, a young girl in a difficult situation due to the sins of her mother. Alcohol is at the center of many families’ destruction in Russia. But we also see how God takes heartbreaking situations and makes them beautiful as He works through the believers in the church.

Nastya found joy and longing to be around God’s people because she saw something different in them. She desired to be among them, even when she had a choice to stay at home. Please pray that Nastya’s mom will have that same desire which will lead her down a new path to repentance and salvation. 

Here is her story as shared by an Orphans Reborn team member . . .

Nastya is 12. Her brother Vlad is 14. For the last six months, this family has been going through difficult times. Their mother was abusing alcohol heavily and almost all the benefits that she receives for taking care of her children has been spent on alcohol. Vlad manages to get at least something, some cash or demands his mother to buy him something, but Nastya is not that persistent. The girl turns to her mother with a request but does not always receive something.

Faced with such a problem, we began to pay more attention to this selfless and sincere girl in her difficulty. Our administrator was inviting her to come to her place and stay overnight. One time, Nastya stayed with them for Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday morning, as the family was gathering for the church, Nastya could stay at their house until they came back, but Nastya wanted to go with them. 

From the first time, Nastya liked to be in the church so much. She was assigned to the senior Sunday school group and made friends with the children very quickly. Even when she, like a child, oversleeps and is late, she still hurries to the church.  At first, our administrator thought that she came to church because of her, but there were days when she could not be at the worship service, but Nastya would still be in the church. You can see Nastya’s keen interest in knowing God. After the service, she always asks about  the sermon and asks questions, as she shows genuine interest in this. And our hearts are filled with joy! This little girl is not able to enjoy love from her family, which she deserves, but in the church, she feels safe and accepted. She is not left alone with her problems, and she appreciates that. The Lord recoups that missing love through His church!

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