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Editor’s Note: The following report and images were provided by Angelina in Israel.

Just as an athlete trains for a sport, a Christian is training each day for the victory of becoming more like Christ. Zinov is a student at SGA-supported Israel College of the Bible, but it took many years for his eyes to be opened to his sinfulness and his need for Christ. Once Zinov saw it, he began training to run the race of sanctification and becoming more like Christ.

Thankfully, Zinov now has the fellowship and accountability of the other students and professors at the college to press on alongside of him. Please continue to pray for Zinov and many other students like him who are striving to prepare themselves for the future ministry God has for each of them. Zinov shares his testimony . . .

My name is Zinov, I have lived in Israel for 30 years, I am repatriated from Ukraine. I came from a Christian family. My mother was a Baptist, and my grandmother was also a Baptist. I remember when I was 14 years old and they pulled me to church, but I didn’t understand what it was for. At the age of 20, I did not want to follow God, but the flesh instead. And when I turned 60 years old, I saw that my whole life was crippled by sin and I needed to accept God, be baptized, and go in this direction. About seven years ago I came to know God. I went to the church here. Later, I went on an excursion to Germany and there I saw the same exact church as in Ukraine where my grandmother and mother went. It touched me, and I was baptized there.

For the past two years I have studied at Israel College of the Bible. I am continuing to study there as it helps me to grow in my knowledge and to be more like Christ every day. It’s like a sport. If an athlete wants to achieve great results, he must train every day. So, I slowly climb up the spiritual steps. My goal is to bear spiritual fruit, and college helps me with this in a great way. I became calmer and more balanced. In college I am learning how to be involved in music ministry. Today before lunch, along with the other students I will play the old hymn “The Love of Christ Immeasurably Great.”

Now I am attending a different church. This church is small, but it will grow, and I want to help with this. My ministry is playing musical instruments. I play the button accordion and the violin.

Becoming More Like Christ Every Day

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