Aug 15, 2017

The students at SGA-sponsored seminaries and Bible institutes come from all locations across the CIS and from all walks of life. Here is a personal testimony to encourage your heart . . .

Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary Expanding Its Reach

As SGA’s Reach Russia Now initiative unfolds in Russia’s Far East, the importance of sound Bible training is all the more vital. Teachers from the SGA-sponsored Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary—located in western Siberia—recently traveled to the Yakutsk region to hold first-ever classes for pastors. We are praying for the resources to train even more missionaries to go to the many unreached towns and villages in the Far East. In addition, SGA partners are also making it possible for the reach of NTBS to extend into European Russia, with 23 students enrolled in Voronezh and 15 in St. Petersburg. SGA recently distributed biblically sound books for these students, which was a great encouragement to them, and thankfully received.

Alyona Brazhnik
Irpen Biblical Seminary

Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary Expanding Its ReachMy mother is a believer and I have attended church with her since my childhood. When I was 10, my father left us and afterward, I saw mother’s faith in practice—how she trusted Him during the darkest times. I saw how God answered her prayers. I also saw God working in my life, how He helped and led me, although I wasn’t saved at that moment. When I was a teenager, the world attracted me and I almost left the church. But I had God’s Word in my heart and mind, and people prayed for me. God worked in my heart and at a Christmas service in 2003, (I was 16 years old then) God showed me my sinfulness and the greatness of His love to me. This is when I repented and dedicated my life 

to Him. I have followed Him since then and consider it a great privilege to serve Him in His church. I serve in my home church and plan to develop ministry there including training for Sunday school teachers, discipleship of young girls, and participating in women’s ministry.

My education at Irpen Seminary has had great impact on my spiritual growth. It strengthened my theology, gave me a lot of new knowledge and useful tools for my ministry, which helps me greatly. I found answers to questions which bothered me, I know the Bible better and can answer questions. It gave me a lot of practical knowledge for my ministry, including the methodology of teaching and inspired me for developing ministry. It is hard to list all of the blessings of this education for me! Thank you so much for your sacrificial ministry and provision for my education. Irpen Biblical Seminary is crucial for churches in Ukraine and neighboring countries as it trains and disciples many faithful ministers with sound biblical doctrine.

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