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May 20, 2024
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Central Asia.

Yesterday I sent you an update from our faithful friends Dima and Vlad, and their team that ministers in harm’s way to villages that are embattled, isolated, and suffering. Please see the additional testimonies below and keep these dear ones in your prayers.

There are some small villages that are unfortunately dying. Why? Because the young people have left. There are no shops, no pharmacies, no transportation, and people are just living out their lives. It’s so sad and painful. The village 18 miles from Zaporizhzhia used to be a beautiful and prosperous village, with a supermarket, a bus stop, young people, and life. But time has changed a lot. First, the supermarket closed. Young people fled from there in pursuit of a better life, and during the war, the village experienced the most difficult times.

Now 46 people live in this village that once had 160 households. These are elderly people who are living out their lives, a few refugee families, and that’s it.

My dad told me about this village. My team and I prayed and decided to visit these people with help. With the support from SGA, we bought nice new blankets, first aid kits, and food packages. We took Christian literature and went to visit them.

It was cloudy and drizzling, but the whole village was already waiting for us on the main street. It is there by the old bus stop alone. Perhaps back in the Soviet era, the bus stop saw so many people, when all the villagers went to work in the morning. We greeted each other, talked, and passed on many greetings from our friends and faithful Christians from SGA. Then, as always, we talked about Christ and His power in the salvation of humanity. We prayed together for our Zaporizhzhia region, asked for peace, and thanked God for our friends from the United States. We cried a little about our situation and rejoiced in the hope in Christ.

Then, as always after the prayer, we distributed aid. I rejoice when I see people serving each other after the prayer. First the old people and women, then the men. Those who were stronger delivered the heavy food packages to everyone’s homes. People were so happy to receive new blankets! They say that they have no money to buy something like this, and secondly, they say that they love new things and it is so nice, like a treat for them!

Bringing Life In Zaporizhzhia Testimony 1

Testimony #1 (Tatiana)

My name is Tetiana. I came from Zaporizhzhia region. 5 km from my village there is a village where fierce fighting is taking place. We left on November 13, 2023, not long ago. We were evacuated by volunteers. We did not want to leave our home, we hoped to the last that everything would end soon. But life at home became unbearable. In the summer, despite the danger, my husband and I planted a vegetable garden and kept some chickens. Although we were sleeping in the basement, we were at home. We cooked food for the soldiers, and they shared their food with us. But every day it became more and more dangerous to live in our village. The whole farm was destroyed, even the dogs and chickens. The soldiers, who became like family, insisted that we should leave, so we came to Zaporizhzhia. We have only hope in the Lord. The help you provide is a great support. We also need medicines because our health has seriously deteriorated. We miss our home and pray for our defenders. We ask God for victory over the enemy!

Bringing Life In Zaporizhzhia Testimony 2

Testimony #2 (Victoria)

My name is Victoria. I left the Polohiv district at the very beginning of the war. I was leaving with my two sons, hoping that it would not be for long. But unfortunately, the miracle did not happen. We left behind everything we had earned over the years and realized every day that we would have nowhere to return to, as the invading army was ruthlessly destroying everything… After being forced to move to Zaporizhzhia, my eldest son could not handle all the horror happening in his country and volunteered for defense. When there is no contact with him, my heart breaks into pieces. I pray for him every day and night that God will save his life. I work in a hospital, and my younger son and I rent a house. We are extremely grateful for your help. We ask the Lord to help save our country.

Bringing Life In Zaporizhzhia Testimony 3

Testimony #3 (Iryna)

My name is Iryna. I am 57 years old, and my story is similar to many other stories of internally displaced persons (IDPs). On May 1, I was home, doing my housework, when the whole house suddenly shook. Glass flew at me, I did not have time to realize what had happened. The enemy attacked the town in the middle of the day. After that, my husband and I fled to Zaporizhzhia. I still panic because of the shelling. Every alarm causes terrible emotions. I don’t have a home, and I don’t have enough money for a normal life. It’s hard to get a job because I have issues with my thyroid gland. The war has severely undermined my health. My husband, a pensioner, doesn’t work, and all his money goes to renting a house. I am ashamed to ask for help, but it is almost impossible to survive without help. Thank you for your concern.

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, and hygiene supplies.

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