Broken Young Lives Need Christ’s Love

Daniel was able to go to camp when another child gave up his spot.

Every year, our church organizes a Christian camp. We have children from poor families as well as orphans. Sometimes reaching these children takes time and not just one event. I’d like to tell you about two boys named Daniel and Vlad, and to ask you to pray for them.

Vlad came to camp and caused quite a few issues. It was his first time in a Christian camp, and he comes from a very dysfunctional family. His mother was recently remarried and had a baby. Vlad has been completely forgotten. His reaction to everything was aggression. He did not want to be part of the activities at all. He always kept to himself and was aggressive with all adults. But over the 12 days of the camp, his behavior began to change. He began to sit with the other kids, and eventually began singing songs with us, and answering us in a quieter voice.

Vlad wants to continue to go to church

By the end of the 12 day camp Vlad wants to continue to go to church and Sunday school.

After one conflict, I had a sincere talk with him at night when the other boys were sleeping. He began to cry and told me about his family. I gave him a hug and he burst into tears. His heart melted at last. He wants to go to church and Sunday school, and we are praying that this desire will stay with him.

The children at the camp participated in games

The children at the camp participated in games as well as learning about Jesus.

Daniel’s mother and grandmother died in a car accident two weeks before the camp. He had already lost his father earlier. One of his classmates who goes to church along with his parents learned about this tragedy, and they wanted Daniel to be able to go to our Christian camp but we had no vacancy. So Daniel’s Christian classmate gave up his place in the camp so Daniel could come. We tried to give him as much love and care as we could, but there was still some tension. We planted seeds into his soul. Please join us in praying for these boys, that God will bring them to Himself in saving faith.


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