We have often shared wonderful testimonies and reports from the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn ministry across the former Soviet Union. We just received one today that we had to share with you. It’s from Pastor Sergei, who oversees one of the Orphans Reborn teams in Belarus. He was able to distribute unlooked-for Christmas gifts to needy children who come from dysfunctional homes. I’ll let him tell the story . . .  

I want to thank all of you who sponsor our orphan ministry. There are children in our church who are in urgent need of help. Children from widely varying circumstances and families attend our Sunday school. We have children who receive no parental care and children who are from very poor families. The funds SGA partners sent were used to help two girls named Yana and Uliyana. Their mother is in prison, and she cannot take care of her children. They are both live with their grandmother who is elderly and has poor eyesight. The grandmother’s pension is barely enough to pay bills for their apartment and food.  

We bought the girls clothes—jackets, caps, jogging trousers, socks, tights, and slacks. We also bought footwear for them including warm boots and sneakers. We bought them some fruits and paid for two months of meals in school. The girls were very happy and thankful, and confused at the same time. They didn’t expect such a blessing. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all what we had brought to them, and to all of you who donate resources for this ministry. Dear friends, thank you for your open hearts, and may God bless you! 

What a wonderful testimony of God’s love in action for the neediest of children and families. Please pray that the Gospel seeds being planted will result in the girls (and their grandmother) coming to saving faith in Christ!

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