Your Gifts and Prayers Make a Difference for Young Mothers in Crisis

SGA’s Orphans Reborn Team in Far East Russia

Helping a young mother and her daughter.
Helping a young mother and her daughter.

We greet you in the love of the Lord! Our work with mothers in crisis in the large Khabarovsk region continues and is starting to pick up steam. 

At present, we have a young mother and her daughter living in our Crisis Center. She came to us in a rather severe physical and emotional condition. She grew up in an orphanage. Now her condition has improved, and her child’s development has improved too. She had come to us with problems with her documents, which are necessary for life in Russia. Those issues are being addressed, and she will probably live independently soon. She came to us by referral from the city’s Social Support Center. Of course, we shall not leave her and shall help her in every way possible. 

We are planning to take in one more family before this month is out. A mother with her baby is leaving a rehab center very soon, and she has no place to go. City agencies are also referring her to us. They have a whole list of mothers who need help, but they approach it selectively, based on the degree of hardship experienced by such mothers.

Growth to Help More in Jesus’ Name

Children participate in activities at the Crisis Center.
Children participate in activities at
the Crisis Center.

Some time ago we changed our apartment to a three-bedroom apartment, and now we can take in more than one family. We are also planning to add more space for three or four families. Right now, we can take in two. The apartment is being transformed—people helped us and bought us some home appliances, beds, blankets, pillows, closets, changing tables, and they continue to provide their help to us.

The city is slowly beginning to trust us, and we want to provide even more care for those in need. The number of volunteers is growing, and more than once we have quickly collected food and clothes for people in need. We have distributed available kits for pregnant women and continue to provide targeted support to families that are in difficult life situations. Recently, some families who lost everything in a fire asked us for help, and we collected some clothes and food for them. We are planning to visit other Human Services offices in the villages and nearby settlements, since there are many people in need there.

Recently we registered our ministry, Far East Without Orphans, as a Non-Governmental Organization. Right now, we’re doing different paperwork and are doing everything to meet all the technical requirements. A registered organization gives you greater opportunities to reach those in need. As always, our desire is to spread the Gospel, to give people hope, and to see lives changed. We thank you for your support, for without it we wouldn’t be able to reach those in need. 

We thank God for you, for we are sure that He will reward you for your sacrificial and open hearts—following the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Life-Changing Work