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Sep 25, 2019
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Chernobyl “Sarcophagus” in Danger of Collapse

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Crews in Ukraine are beginning the process of tearing down the massive “sarcophagus” covering the ruined nuclear reactor at Chernobyl because of fears it could collapse. Business Insider reported recently that the cover was designed to be sturdy, but it was hastily constructed. Over the years, corrosion has occurred because of water finding its way in through openings in the ceiling and unsealed joints. The Ukrainian company in charge of the site says the sarcophagus has a very high chance of collapsing, and that gravity is the only thing keeping it tethered. The company has been building a new 32,000-ton shell around the sarcophagus for the last 9 years. Once the old sarcophagus is dismantled, then cleanup of the lingering nuclear waste can begin, taking until 2065 to complete.

Chernobyl continues to have tragic effects due to lingering radiation where the fallout from the 1986 disaster remains. Some scientists believe that by 2065 the radiation will have led to more than 40,000 cases of cancer. SGA partners like you continue to help support ministry and medical care to many radiation-affected children through the Little Pearl Children’s Diagnostic Camp at Kobrin, Belarus. Pray with us, asking God for increased funding as these needs will continue for years.

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