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Mar 02, 2018
CIS In the News

DANGER: Eastern Ukraine Contains “one of the most mined areas in the world”

A recent article in the Washington Post reports that civilians in the conflict zones of eastern Ukraine are facing deadly land mine dangers connected to the ongoing fighting between government forces and separatists. Farmers and gardeners are having to scan their fields with metal detectors and remove vegetation carefully to avoid triggering a mine. According to the United Nations, the so-called “Donbas” region is becoming one of the most mined areas in the world. Anti-vehicle mines are reportedly killing more people there than anywhere else in the world—even including battle zones like Syria, Yemen, and Africa. The HALO Trust, which is a humanitarian mine-clearance organization, estimates 1,796 casualties in Ukraine from land mines, with 238 civilians killed.

What you can do: This tragic situation underscores the need to support faithful SGA-sponsored missionary pastors as they deliver humanitarian aid through our Crisis Evangelism Fund, and share the hope found only through the Gospel. Please pray for their safety as they travel across the region, and pray for a peaceful end to the conflict.


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