Pavel Barsukov
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The Lord has led us in a wonderful way in our ministry to people who have troubled lives. It all began with our ministry to children, and that eventually led to organizing an introductory course to the Christian faith for their parents. We have led missions trips to neighboring Mongolia, and are involved in camps for children and youth. Seven young people attending our church have recently repented and trusted in the Lord Jesus for salvation.

It was amazing to hear Denis’ testimony. He was one of the young people who was baptized. A year ago, Denis was living in Moscow and had come to total disappointment in his life. One morning after he woke up, he took all of his official documents, took a rope, and went to the forest intending to end his life. Along the way, he tore all of his documents to pieces including his passport. He then threw them away.

Once in the forest, Denis put the rope over a tree branch and was thinking of how to make a loop, and at that very moment the Lord acted, touching Denis’ heart. Suddenly a severe storm blew up in the forest, and he became so afraid that he left the rope dangling and ran back home!

A month later, Denis ended up in one of our Christian rehabilitation centers. Today, he lives without a passport, and neither Russia or his home country of Tajikistan will recognize him as a citizen. But Denis is still joyful, because he has become a citizen of Heaven!

In June we had the second annual retreat for Christian youth, with more than 130 young people attending. This event was not focused around sports activities, but rather focusing on fellowship in Christ. These youth reviewed their relationship with the Lord and committed their lives to His service. And at the event, the seven youth were baptized, including Denis!

Please pray for us as we continue the Mongolia outreach, and for our plans to begin another church plant in another district of our city this fall. We praise God that we have you in our lives!

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