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Jan 04, 2024
Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-supported church in Israel.

Russian-speaking people in Israel continue to face unimaginable hardships and live in constant fear. Please keep them, SGA-supported pastors, and church workers in your prayers as they give compassionate care and support to people in need. May they know the hope and blessings that Jesus Christ brings through the Gospel.

I just got this message today from Yura and Ludmilla, who celebrated on the Sabbath and reached out to many in need. Yura writes,

“Shalom dear brother, this Friday we distributed 110 packages and invited people to a celebration on December 8. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to get together despite the hostilities. Thank you for your help with the blessings.”

And here is a video of their transformative outreach:

Yura and Ludmilla are giving compassionate care to the Russian-speaking people in Israel, who have endured so much devastation and despair. They need the hope and comfort of the Gospel. The door has been opened for so many hearts in Israel to know and love God through the Gospel, where true hope is found.  

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