Showing the love of Christ to needy families by word and deed 

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We are very grateful for your ongoing prayers and support. This past spring, we continued to visit three families at their homes as part of the Compassion Ministry you help make possible. As they open their doors to us, we deliver food packages containing tortillas, pasta, rice, sunflower or cotton oil, wheat flour, butter, potatoes, onions, carrots, buckwheat, tea, and other items. The items we include depends on the specific needs of the family.  

Mavzuna’s family always welcomed us with joy, especially her children and nephews. Our support of this family is more than half of their monthly income. They are grateful for the ways we continue to help them. We continue to study the Bible in our churches. Mavzuna and her family visited the church three times. She reads the Bible in our local language. Mavzuna’s parents visited us and thanked us for the help we provide to their daughter and her family. Dear brothers and sisters, we ask you to continue to pray for this family that they may come to the Lord in saving faith. 

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Larissa’s family is also grateful for your support. Reading God’s Word together has become part of their routine. We have asked her to go to the mountains with the children in the summer. She promised us that she would consider this and find the time. We ask you, dear brothers and sisters, to continue praying for this family and that the Lord will make them His children.  

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When we visit Luba’s family, we read the Bible. Luba listens and agrees with the Scriptures, but thus far she has been afraid to commit her life to the Lord. Please pray that God will continue His work. We thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for your love and concern for our family and ministry. We are thankful for your prayers and support.

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