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Reach Russia Now report in the Far East 

Travel across Russia’s Far East is not for the faint of heart, no matter what time of year it is. Many remote villages can only be reached by boat or air, and in wintertime, frozen rivers are the paths for snowmobiles or even cars. But the challenges didn’t deter a dedicated church ministry team from Yakutsk, who recently visited several villages with the Gospel, supported by the prayers and generosity of SGA partners like you. 

The Yakutsk team was made up of young adults from three churches in Yakutsk. They evangelized several villages, including an island accessible only by boat or air. The villages included Ulakhan-An, where they encouraged the local church by helping with construction of a new building. Next came the villages of Chkalov and Sinsk, where the team conducted children’s outreaches.  

A team of young women from Yakutsk made two trips to Chkalov and Sinsk. The church had wanted to conduct children’s ministry in these villages for a long time, but the distance from Yakutsk is considerable, and you can only get there by boat, plane, or helicopter. Chkalov is actually located on an island in the huge Lena River. There is no actual church in those villages, and only two women who are believers. As SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Yegor Mikhalev relates …  

We asked one of our brothers who is an aviation pilot to help our team get to those two villages. The young sisters shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the non-believing kids. It was very interesting to talk to the children, because they had never heard about Christ before, and believed what they had been taught — that humans were descended from apes.  
Our team decided to teach the children, beginning with the biblical Creation account and ending with Christ’s resurrection and the beginning of the church. In Sinsk, they had the opportunity to share the Gospel with one unbelieving woman named Gulya. Please pray that God will bring salvation to them all! 

Back in Ulakhan-An, as the young men in the team worked on the building, the young women were busy sharing the Gospel with children in the village. The pastor of the evangelical church, Radik S., sends his thanks to all who participated, and helped make it possible! He says his church was thankful for the young people and their enthusiasm.  

“We only have three brothers in our small church, so the help was great! We really needed it. The young sisters did a wonderful job teaching the children about the Lord and the Gospel.”

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