Children study God's Word during a Bible lesson.
Apr 07, 2021
Your Support Helps Bring Children to Christ at Summer Camp

Dima Podrez
SGA Regional Ministry Center in Minsk

A camp leader talks with some of the children who repented and came to Christ.
A camp leader talks with some of the children who repented and came to Christ.

Greetings dear friends! Looking back at the summer camp season held by Golgotha Baptist Church in Minsk, it was a special blessing for the children and the church team. We had to postpone the dates for the camp two times, but at the end of August, the camp finally took place. 

The wonderful eight days flew by in a moment. 

Our time in the camp was filled with many different events, blessings, and failures but we praise the Lord for everything.

It is a huge blessing that eight children came to Christ in repentance. 

Vlad’s Story

Vlad is the first believer in his family.
Vlad is the first believer in his family.

I would like to write to you about Vlad. He is 15 years old, and he comes from a totally unbelieving family. It was his third time in the camp. Vlad’s neighbors are believers. They invited him and his sister to the camp. While Vlad’s sister caught the flu and couldn’t attend the camp, Vlad was able to join us. 

The children were asked in one Bible lesson, “Who is your authority?” and Vlad’s answer was “Uncle Piotr, my neighbor.” 

After two days of camp, there was an invitation to pray and with tears in his eyes, Vlad opened his heart before the Lord. Vlad prayed with tears and didn’t care about what the other children thought about him. God is mighty and His deeds are powerful. Vlad was concerned for his parents as he didn’t know what their reaction would be to his repentance. By God’s mercy, his parents have allowed him to attend the church and youth meetings. 

Other Children God Touched

Children study God's Word during a Bible lesson.
Children study God’s Word during a Bible lesson.

A few of the children gave us their thoughts after the camp was over . . . 

I was in the camp with my brother. I waited for the camp for a whole year and wanted to stay as long as possible. I was encouraged to read the Bible and search for God in the camp. I would like the camp to take place for three weeks. I enjoyed it. —Sofa

I went to the camp from our Sunday school. I enjoyed the camp as we had a lot of fun. I have decided to read the Bible more after the camp. I also plan to attend the meeting for teenagers. I keep in contact with the friends that I made at the camp. I learned a lot about God in the camp and a lot of stories about David. I wish the camp would go longer. I thank you and our mentors so much as they teach us to respect others. I came to know many good people. —Kamila

I thank you for your prayers and material help to hold our wonderful camp for His glory! Please pray that the seeds of the Gospel will take root and grow in the children’s hearts. 

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