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Editor’s Note: The testimony and images below were provided from Israel.

The people living in Israel are surrounded by devastation. Yet, Pastor Oleg and Pastor Yura continue their mission of spreading The Good News of the Gospel. In a time when knowing God’s love is crucial, the people in Israel persist in sharing the hope and comfort of God’s Word. 

Please pray that they will come to know God’s compassion, strength, and salvation…


A small but powerful update this morning. It is the Sabbath in Israel, a day of worship. In general, many gather by Zoom or others means. Yet today, Oleg and Yura, our SGA-supported pastors, gathered with family as a small group in their home. Even with the fear of rockets and looming destruction, they worship. 

Oleg writes, “Yesterday we held a service at my son’s house (my whole family, children and grandchildren). Yura also held a small group at his home yesterday. There are rockets from Gaza, but we think it is very important to meet face to face.”

Let us not shrink back in these days but gather in worship to our living God who reigns and will stand with us.

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