By Victor Korshunov

SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Krasnodar, Russia

We’d like to thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for your prayers. Your sacrificial help is of great value in our lives and ministry as we share the Gospel in southern Russia.

In the town of Goryachiy-Kluch, there is a special couple we have been discipling named Mikhail and Kate. They have a large family with several children, and we minister to them in visits, over the phone, and they all come together to the church on Sunday. We are so happy about it. They visited us at our home with their children and we returned the visit at their home. We use every opportunity to share Jesus Christ and the need for faith in Him, and we are seeing the Lord work in their souls. Mikhail no longer describes himself as an unbeliever, he reads the Bible and asks many questions. He prays and sings, and all the children come to the church with pleasure.

Not long ago, we urged Mikhail to visit a small home Bible study group in their town, and to welcome a Bible study group in their home as they cannot take all their children to the church with them in their car. One reason is that local child welfare authorities asked Mikhail and Kate to adopt two more children into their family—a brother and sister of 12-14 in age. We pray that the Lord will always be present in their lives, and that they will fully commit their lives to Him and teach their children the way of salvation.

And this story leads me to a prayer request. My wife, Valentina, and I want to begin caring for orphans as foster parents too. We have to attend special courses, pass exams, and prepare a lot of documentation about ourselves. Through the process, social workers, a lawyer, and teachers ask us, “What church do you attend? Tell us about your faith.” And we tell them about the Living God who acts in our lives.

We thank you for sharing in our lives and ministry. May the Lord bless you abundantly, and reward you for your love and faithfulness!

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Life-Changing Work