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Dec 29, 2023
Editor’s Note: The testimonies and images below were sent by SGA-supported pastors in Ukraine.

The reports you’ll read below come from two SGA-supported pastors and contain testimonies of God’s provision through their faithful churches. God’s eternal love and mercy, as well as the support of devoted followers in Christ, have helped bring these families out of despair. We praise Him that the Gospel is going forth!

Please continue to lift up these families and all displaced Ukrainians up in prayer. May God comfort and protect our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Read more from the frontlines . . .

From SGA-supported Pastor Pavel:

I am a pastor of the Baptist Church in Ukraine. We sincerely thank SGA partners for the humanitarian aid with food and personal hygiene supplies. With this help, we can serve people who have suffered from this terrible war, the displaced or refugees. And we can also serve the poor people in the church and in the town. Among them there are large families, orphans, and poor elderly people.

From Despair To Gratitude Testimony 1

An elderly woman Raya and her daughter Polina now live with their believing relatives. Because of the war, their apartment was destroyed by shelling. For some period of time, they lived in the basement of the Baptist church. Later, Christians from this church helped them to evacuate and now they are in a safe place.  Thanks to the help of SGA, we provide them with food and personal hygiene items. Now they regularly attend worship services. There are always tears in their eyes of gratitude to God and you, for understanding their pain and for the real help they need. It is such a great testimony!

From Despair To Gratitude Testimony 2

From an SGA-supported pastor:

Just want to express my gratitude to you once again for the real help we received from you! This food aid goes to the needy families in our region. We have been working with a large family in need: grandmother Halyna is disabled and her son Ivan is the father of six children. Together with his grandmother, they raise these children. The eldest daughter is also disabled. At the beginning of the war, the mother of these children left the family.

Now they have a very difficult financial and material situation. They practically live from fishing. If they catch fish from the river, they have something to eat. Therefore, our church helps this family as much as possible. And now, thanks to food aid from SGA, we are able to help them on a regular basis. This old lady and father of the children express their gratitude to God and to you. The children are happy to have something to eat!

Thank you very much for your help, and may the Almighty God bless you all!

During this time of hardship, God is working through many compassionate people to help bring aid and healing to the people living in Ukraine. SGA-supported churches stand ready to offer spiritual and emergency aid to the displaced people. Your prayers and support are a blessing to many suffering people.

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