My name is Akbar and I am a student at the SGA-sponsored Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan. I am studying Christian Leadership and expect to graduate in 2019.Akbar

In 2009, I was in jail. Again. Waiting for the day of my release. A friend of mine came to see me in prison. I had known him since childhood—we lived near each other and went to school together. But I noticed that he had changed from the way he was before. He had become a Christian and told me about Christ.

After my release from jail, I lived for a time at my friend’s house, and I noticed that his life matched the way he spoke. He and his wife showed me hospitality, even though his wife had not met me before or knew who I was. I began to read the Word of God. One day in a small church in Ukraine, I called on the name of the Lord. After becoming a believer, I felt that the Lord wanted me to return to my native Tajikistan. Since then, I have been living in Dushanbe, for which I praise God!

At the beginning of my walk, my friend Sergei helped me in my spiritual growth. I am learning from Pastor Rashid as well. I was just admitted into the pastoral track at Almaty Bible Institute and will begin study this fall! I want to receive biblical knowledge, so I can be a better evangelist in this world. I especially hope that I can share my knowledge with the small group that I lead, in addition to ministry with people in the rehab center.

Please pray for me!

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