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Editor’s Note: The images and report below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.

Rejoice with us as you read about the newest child of God! We are grateful for the outreach of SGA-supported Pastor Dmitri and the special message he brought as he ministered at a church in Belarus. We praise God for His work in the life of the young man who responded to the call. Here’s Dmitri’s brief report . . .

Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters!

God has blessed our young people to go with an evangelistic ministry to one of the oldest cities in our republic. It’s an ancient city with a rich history. Today it is quite modern with many enterprises and factories. The church has slightly more than 50 members. Most of the young people go to other cities to study and stay there. But the church is active, and in many ways, it is a credit to the pastor—Alexei.

When we arrived, we were immediately invited to get acquainted with the brothers and sisters who had come early. Their openness and genuine interest in us simply won our hearts. Pastor Alexei offered to take all the entire worship service with our program. And he asked me to preach an evangelistic sermon and call to repentance. Our whole program was devoted to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the end, the sermon was about hope and the meaning of life, which are only found in the risen Jesus Christ.

A young man came to the call—Anton, the pastor’s son. He asked the church to pray with him. Although he had been in the church since his birth and was a music teacher at a music school, he had helped a lot in developing the music and choir ministry in his local church. According to his testimony, God especially spoke to him that Sunday and he opened his heart to the Lord!

Praise our great God that He continues the work of man’s salvation!

Pastor Dmitri

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