Lilya attends services at Vifaniya Church in Kobrin, Belarus.

Lilya’s Story

I was born in Kobrin, Belarus. I attended kindergarten, graduated from school, and received two earned degrees. I got married and had a daughter.

At that time, people began to bring merchandise over the border from Poland and earned a lot of money. I also desired to earn more money, so I began bringing in alcohol and cigarettes. And then I began smoking and drinking. I poisoned other people and myself. As a result, my daughter was taken from me and I was divorced from my husband. I drank for 18 years, and went through personal degradation, lost my home, lost my contacts with family, and lost all the goals I had for my life.

Later, I was told by the authorities about an opportunity to get my daughter back. I would have to take a rehabilitation course in the Baptist rehab center. I had nothing to lose, so I agreed. I began reading the Bible and was taken to the church, but I had no faith in my heart that I could change.

But then God touched my heart and it was a miracle. When I thought of myself as useless, I was told that I was important to God. I went through rehab in 2014, repented of my sins and received Jesus Christ in my heart. I then followed Him in baptism in 2015. Now I truly live. I now have a lot of friends, and very good relationships with my daughter and other relatives. I have a church family at Vifaniya Church in Kobrin, along with dreams and desires. I want to serve God, and to do something for other people as He did for me!

Editor’s note: This wonderful testimony came to us through SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Vladimir Yarmoluk. Thank you for making his fruitful ministry possible!

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