Jun 08, 2017

God’s Power on Display in the Courtroom

So, having obtained help from God,
I stand to this day testifying to both small and great . . . (Acts 26:22). 

Faithful evangelical believers across Russia and her neighboring countries encounter many different types of opposition. But God has the power to take the opposition of men and turn it into opportunity, as He vividly did in the life of a young man named Yevgeny. Missionary pastor Victor Bogushevich recently shared this wonderful testimony in a report to his SGA sponsors . . . 

Victor (right) with Alexander and his family.

Alexander and Karina are a missionary couple sent out by our church. Alexander teaches school and is active in youth ministry. There are people in his village who are very negative about the teaching of God’s Word. One day, unknown people set Alexander’s car on fire, destroying the vehicle completely. Alexander went to the police to report it, but the authorities were indifferent. They took the report, but said that there would not be any way to find who had burned the car. In other words, they made it clear that they weren’t going to do anything about it. Alexander kept visiting the station and pressing for investigation, but the local police just laughed and told him not to come back—they were tired of him.

Alexander quietly replied, “All authorities are established by God, and if you do not want to seek the person who committed this crime, I am going to ask for help from the Most High Authority—Jesus Christ Himself. And if He wills, the person who did this will come to the police station and confess his crime!” The police burst into laughter again, and Alexander left.

The convicting power of the Holy Spirit drew
Yevgeny (second from left).

About a month later, a young man named Yevgeny walked into the police station and wanted to make a confession. He was the one who had set Alexander’s car on fire. When the astonished police asked Yevgeny why he decided to confess his crime, he replied that he couldn’t understand what was going on with himself. He could not sleep at night, and even during the day did not feel at rest. All he could think about was the burning car and the nagging thought—“Go to the police and admit your crime!” During the trial, Alexander told the court that he forgave Yevgeny and did not want any reimbursement for the car. That same night, Yevgeny came to Alexander’s home and asked why he had been forgiven, providing Alexander with a God-given opportunity. “Christ has forgiven me much more and He commanded me to forgive you!” On that same evening, Yevgeny repented and trusted in Christ as his Lord and Savior!

In September of 2016, Yevgeny was baptized and shares his testimony as God provides opportunities. Please pray for him, as well as for Alexander, Karina, and Victor, as they shine the light of the Gospel in a very dark corner of Siberia.

God’s Provision for Needy Children in Central Asia

Through Compassion Ministry and other resources provided through SGA partners, evangelical churches are reaching out to needy families in Central Asia where poverty is rampant. Recently, school supplies were provided for children in families where the parents are hearing-impaired, and the Gospel was shared. Our missionary pastors held Bible lessons and other activities with the children. Not many of the families can afford to buy school supplies, and they were very happy to receive the gifts . . . 

I am 12 and I believe in God. Thank you very much for the presents. I heard about Christ, and I believe that He came to this world in order to save sinners, and to grant them eternal life through His death on the cross. I pray to Jesus, asking Him to help me be His servant in the future. 

– Tamiljah, age 12


I am in the sixth grade. I like reading the children’s Bible, and I praise God for hearing my prayers. I am thankful for the gifts, and I am very thankful to God that He cares about me. I pray to God and attend the church, and I share biblical stories with my friends.

– Aziz, age 12

We praise and thank our Lord, for He encourages the hearts of brothers and sisters to give and bring joy into children’s lives. May His love reach more people, and give them the desire to seek God and bring Him glory!

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