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Editor’s Note: The report and images below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.

Hello friends,

In the story below you will read about Taisa, a woman who weeps as she regrets a missed opportunity in her younger years to attend a church service that may have sent her life down a different path. However, God in His sovereignty and perfect timing has now placed Taisa in another church service many years later, with a much different heart. 
            Sometimes we wonder why we must experience difficult times in order for us to truly seek God, but as you will read, it is the hard situations that pushed Taisa to ask God for help. In her earlier days, she thought she didn’t need Him, so she rejected the invitation.  Please pray for her now as she is still fearful of an abusive husband. Pray that God will be greater than her fears and that she will soon be saved.  Also pray for Pastor Vladimir and the family of believers as they love and disciple her…  

“Peace be with you! We want to greet all of you, dear friends, brothers, and sisters! Christ is truly risen!
            Recently, we had an evangelistic event in our town with a Christian group from Pinsk. We invited people in our surrounding area to visit the church. A few people responded to my offer and heard the Gospel. But one woman attracted special attention. She cried the entire meeting and took pictures on her cell phone. I spoke with her after the service and found out the reason for her tears…
            Once, when she was young, she had been invited to church, but she refused. Since then, her life without God became difficult. She has suffered a lot at the hands of her abusive husband. And now they are on the verge of divorce. So, today she went to church and asked God to help her fix her life. She wants to believe in God, but she is afraid of her husband. And I answered her that the consequences of our choices follow us, but it is important for us to have faith in God, who gives forgiveness of sins and patience. This woman’s name is Taisa, and she is 60 years old. She has started coming to the services and has become actively involved in the ministry. Pray with us that God will give her a spirit of repentance and that her soul will be saved. 

            Our family is doing well. We are alive and well. The Lord gives my wife, Natalia and I strength to work harder. Thank you for all you do for our ministry. May God himself bless you and keep you for His kingdom. To Him be all the glory from our weak mouths, to Him who has risen and conquered death and hell, glory eternal!”

Pastor Vladimir, Belarus

(& SGA-supported Kristi)

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