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Apr 09, 2024
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Central Asia.
Gods Timing Brings Blessings

The SGA-supported Orphans Reborn ministry is connecting children to families in a former Soviet nation. Alina’s story illustrates how God’s timing is always better than our own. Read more below:

How many times do we read about God’s plan and timing?  Today, you will read another story of how God works in His ways.  Many had been praying for a young orphan girl, Alina, to be fostered by a family from church.  Their prayers were answered when a family stepped up, however, Alina said no.  Defying human wisdom and expectations, God’s plan instead would have her say yes to another family.  This future family would be a much better match for Alina.  She would now have sisters!  God placed Varya in Alina’s life, in His timing, in order to make all of the pieces fit perfectly together.  Now, Alina has gone from a young girl who only attended lessons at the orphanage out of boredom, to joyfully using her gifts to praise God and serve others.  Please continue to pray for the faithful men and women who with unceasing patience and love minister to these children through support from Orphans Reborn

“The ministry to orphans is the work which was entrusted to us by the Lord, and we do this ministry daily with great trembling and joy! I will never stop giving thanks to God and you, our beloved brothers, and sisters, for this great help and support which you provide for us and our children. Thank you, that in our busy age you find time, strengths and means to invest in the future of these children who live on the other side of the globe. You allow our hands to be free for this daily work and ministry to these children, who have no parental love and care. Blessings to you!… Below, I share a testimony of one of our orphan graduates.  These graduates are our blessings and successes!

The name of this girl is Alina, and, it is very possible, that several years ago, one of us most likely had her story in one of our letters. At that time, she was in one of the orphanages. Alina always was a very emotional, active, and lively person. I remember during our team meetings, as a team we prayed for Alina, and how we wanted someone from the church to foster her in their home. She is a beautiful girl and we worried that her external beauty would bring about harmful consequences. She attended our Bible lessons, had fellowship with us, smiled, but never had a real repentance. It might be that she was not able to open up. But to be honest, the orphanage is not a place where a person could relax and be herself. This is possible only in a family!

At times, I visited the orphanage where Alina lived. To be honest, it seemed that she attended the lessons in order to relieve her boredom and have something to do. Alina, being very tender in her appearance, was always ready to defend herself and even started fights! Her readiness to initiate fights was always a threat, especially since she had graduated from the orphanage. Fortunately, Alina went to our Christian rafting camp “Sinai” where she met a good Christian family. We were glad when we learned that this family was willing to foster her in their home. However, Alina rejected that offer. She was about 15 at that time and she probably just did not want to live under any limits or regulations. To be honest, we thought that was the end of the story. But at times, our faith can be so small! If someone would’ve told me that Alina would soon be serving together with us, hand in hand, and that she would become a part of the family of my dear friend and pastor, I would tell that person, “Dream on”, because that would be beyond my expectations! But the Lord works in different ways and uses not us, but our children. To our happiness, Alina met Varya (a girl from a Christian family), who also was with her in that camp. They developed fellowship and later friendship. As a result, after being friends, they became sisters. The friendship of Alina and Varya went on for about a year. Varya visited her in the orphanage, which was several hundred miles away. I remember fondly how she made a present for Alina at Christmas, when we came to hold an outreach.

We thought that Alina’s previous rejection to be fostered by a family was her fatal error, but today we realize that it was the plan of God. The Lord provided another family for Alina at just the right moment when she would be ready and willing to accept that as her personal need. This is not the first, and I hope not the last testimony of this kind, when children from orphanages find a family by means of friendship with children of similar age! Praise be to God that Alina now has a mother and father, and many sisters, which I find hard to count. And it is great that this family got Alina! Here in the family, she blossoms like a flower without any thorns, and day by day she becomes even better. I know that they, just like our family, have hard days, but I see that Alina listens to her father and mother even when they are strict with her at times. This is of great effort for Alina to be obedient, because earlier she could do whatever she wanted. I always said and continue to say, and I would tell this to Alina, that I am glad that she is where she is. She is with us and with the Lord as well. We need not get used to God’s miracles and His love. It is by far better if we would value this and would be grateful to Him. This would bring much more benefits and blessings!

Alina now serves in the church, and she is involved with the youth club! God gave her many talents, which she uses today in her ministry. She has a good voice, and she is full of life, and to my surprise, Alina is able to make such good videos. When she makes videos, it seems like she sees the world from a different angle, through different eyes, not like everybody else. She demonstrated her talent during the Champion camp, and I want you to know that this clip, which will not leave anyone indifferent, was filmed by a girl from an orphanage! And I could boldly say that she loves her family and the Lord. She is our reward and blessing. I am sure that Alina will do much more and one day she would become a wonderful mother and loving wife. And we will be witnesses of that! And of course, thanks be to the parents who opened their home and their hearts for her! Dreams come true!

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