Jun 14, 2017
Crisis Evangelism Fund

Pastor Alexander

My church has been visiting a local penal colony since 1996. The worship service takes place in a room that seats 40 people. I began the ministry alone, but later other believers joined in to help in this ministry. It is wonderful that men became new believers in the services, and then joined our church after their release from prison. Today, they serve the Lord with all their hearts. They are witnesses of God’s love and mercy!

Currently we have a meeting in the penal colony every Thursday. About 30 convicts are gathering for the meeting. There are new believers among these 30 convicts. Over the period of our ministry, many of the convicts came to the Lord and later joined other evangelical churches across Belarus. There isn’t any hindrance from the leadership of the penal colony, and we are thankful.

The chief jailer was impressed by the results of our ministry and offered us a room in the dwelling area of the penal colony. The small room is a former place of quarantine. The room in the dwelling area will allow opportunity for all who want to come to participate. We have a lot of renovation work to do as the building is dilapidated. The floor and walls need leveling and the ceiling needs gypsum plasterboard. Also needed: new electric wiring, lights, painting, cement insulation, linoleum, and repairs to four other rooms. The leadership of the penal colony has already changed the heating system, water system, three windows in the room and the entrance. Prisoners who attend the meetings are doing the renovation work.

Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry.

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