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Not long ago, we received a wonderful report from a key evangelical church in a major city in Central Asia. Given the pressure faced by Christians in this region, we are withholding names and the specific location. According to the church, God has granted them tremendous opportunities to share the Gospel with needy families, including children whose parents are unable to hear or speak. …

Quite often, the children in these families have no problems themselves with sight or hearing. We were able to have Bible lessons with them, learn rhymes, and do crafts. And this past Christmas, we visited them with gifts SGA partners helped provide. They were very happy to receive the gifts. Not many families can even afford to buy school supplies.

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As an example, one sister in Christ we know is raising her three children alone, as her husband and oldest son have died, leaving her to survive on her small disability pension. They were very happy to get school kits. Another family also raises three kids, with two of them being schoolchildren, and they all attend the church – they are grateful to get school supply kits as well. Our neighbors — a mother and two kids — also attend the church and are thankful for your help. The father in this family does not have a permanent job and spends the family money for alcohol.

We praise and thank our Lord, for He encourages hearts of brothers and sisters to give and bring joy into children’s life! May this ministry of compassion and love reach even more people and give them desire to seek God and bring Him glory!

Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters as they share the love of Christ in this way, and for these families to come to saving faith. Thank you for helping to make these outreaches happen.

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