Jul 06, 2017
Crisis Evangelism Fund

Editor’s Note: Because of the danger and sensitivities in eastern Ukraine, full names and specific locations are not being used in this report. 

Pastor Yury
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor

Viktor and his family

We praise God for your support of SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund, which brings together opportunities for humanitarian aid and preaching the Gospel. The situation in our town is volatile, with intensified shelling at night. For the past month, the suburbs and one of the housing complexes have been shelled heavily, with human casualties and people badly wounded, destroyed houses, and shattered windows. 

Your financial support makes our outreach to unbelievers possible. Among them is Viktor’s young family, including wife Vera and their children­-Vika, Slavik, and Bogdan. Viktor and Vera both repented, were baptized, and the children now attend our Sunday school. There are other families with whom we have established relationships; however, they had to leave the area because of the hostilities. We are praying and hope that the seeds sown in their hearts will eventually grow by God’s grace. Apart from that, almost all children from the unbelieving families attend Sunday schools and come to the church together with their parents on holiday services, such as Easter, Harvest Festival, and Christmas. We hope the Word of God will eventually reach their hearts, too. 

Viacheslav works in a coal mine, but isn’t paid enough to support his wife and two boys. We have very good relations with this family. We visit each other, and share the Gospel with them. Viacheslav’s teenage son Ivan goes to Sunday school and the Tomorrow club for teenagers, and is one of the active and committed students. 

The circumstances of each family differ, but they all are destitute, need physical help, and also the ultimate hope that only the Gospel brings. May the Lord bless you as you continue to support this ministry.

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