Jul 31, 2017

SGA’s Eric Mock sent the following report over the weekend from Ukraine, where they spent hours driving through heavy rain to visit missionary pastor Peter Vladechak and his family, and observe his ministry:

“The storms raged all night, and continued through the day. For most, this would be a day to sit inside and stay dry. But for Peter and his wife Luba, it was a great day for ministry. Peter pastors one church and is a missionary pastor/church planter in two more. As if that was not enough, he reaches out every two weeks to 15 impoverished families with food provided through SGA’s Compassion Ministry program.

We arrived amid torrential rain to be greeted by kids overjoyed at Peter and Luba’s arrival. Most were quite dirty, their homes in shambles, with stories of drunken parents and overwhelming health issues – most all of them suffering and distant from God. Every week, Peter reaches out to broken and hungry families with food and the Gospel. Many of the kids we met are now in Sunday school, some parents are attending church, and are hearing the Gospel. A few have come to faith, and will soon be baptized.

Peter’s secret approach to ministry? Love. In every home, Peter was holding hands, giving hugs, and exhorting them to seek Christ and find hope. It was a joy to watch Peter work side by side with his beloved Luba. They grew up in this village, and it is here that they have ministered for more than 36 years. He and Luba love Christ, love the people of their community, and sacrifice daily of their time and comfort for the sake of the Gospel. If there were further entries in Hebrews 11 for heroes of the faith, both Peter and Luba would be there!”

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