A Report from the SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry Team in Eastern Ukraine

Since the war in eastern Ukraine broke out in 2014, SGA-sponsored missionary pastors have tirelessly traveled into this dangerous region where fighting still rages. Their purpose is to help desperately needy individuals and families whose lives have been shattered by the conflict, and to share the life-changing Gospel with those who urgently need the hope that only faith in Christ can bring.

Not long ago, the church teams began visiting families with bedridden and disabled loved ones who needed adult diapers, which are very expensive for the elderly who struggle to live on very little money. Here are a few of their stories.

This woman who identifies herself as “N” takes care of her disabled ex-husband, who was abandoned by his other family and children and was sent to Zaporozhye when the war started. The compassion she shows to her former husband is true compassion indeed. We provided her with the adult diapers she needs for his care, and she always receives our help with a thankful heart.

Antonina left her native Stanitsa Luganskaya in August 2014 when the security situation grew worse. She was displaced together with her 82-year-old paralyzed husband, her daughter, and granddaughter. Her husband requires constant care. Her daughter soon returned to their hometown, with only the granddaughter remaining, and she is soon going to graduate from the university. Antonina is very thankful for providing the supply of diapers for her bedridden husband, as these are quite expensive and not always affordable with their limited income.

Luybov Pavlovna and her husband Mikhail have a different story, but similar needs. They moved to Zaporozhye from the war-torn Donetsk region in September 2015. Mikhail had worked at a coal mine all his life, but received a serious, traumatic injury back in 1992. Later in 2008, he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, however it was inoperable. Since 2015, Mikhail has been disabled and bedridden. Luybov is caring for her husband, and they were happy to receive the diaper supply that we provided. The family is very thankful to all who donate for the medical needs of senior citizens.

These are only a few of the stories we could share. Many other needs exist among the needy families of eastern Ukraine — including food, clothing, medicine, and other items. As the churches help provide these physical needs, they take with them the most important help — the Good News that the Lord Jesus loves them, died for them … and that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Romans 10:13).


Please pray for the ongoing need for resources, and that many will respond to the Gospel in saving faith as they experience the Savior’s love!

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