Albert G.
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Central Asia

The siblings with their Immanuel's Child stars.
The siblings with their Immanuel’s Child stars.

Dear friends! We are very grateful for your faithful support and the gift of giving, which we are able to share with needy families in our area through the Immanuel’s Child Christmas outreach!

One of the families that we blessed with gifts is a large one. There are six children in the family. Their mother had worked together with one of the brothers from our church before his relocation. When they worked together, the brother witnessed to her about Jesus and invited her to the church, and several times the church had visited this family with the Gospel. 

The mother in the family is Uzbek while the father is a Tatar. We worried that the children would not want to come to the church, but they did—praise God for that! As we talked, we found out that the older girl had attended our Christian camp several times and she still had sweet memories about that time. She shared that she would come again to the camp, but then remembered that we are now under restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All four children attended a Bible study class in our Sunday school, where they heard the Nativity story.

Then we had a private conversation, and I was able to ask them a couple of questions and then gave them some spiritual exhortations. I told them, “Now you are laying the groundwork of your whole life, and it will depend on what you choose to build it on, so build your life on the teaching of Jesus Christ and become His disciples!”

The children were very happy that there are people who do not forget about them, and they were especially delighted to get your gifts and presents. I told them about the Bethlehem Star and the people whose names are written on them and who are praying for their family. May the Lord bless you and reward you hundredfold and may the Lord Himself grow this seed of goodness and lead them to saving faith in Christ alone!

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