1910 Sga Articles Shevkunov Article MainA ministry report from SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Vyacheslav Shevkunov in Russia.

I thank God for His mercy and care! I thank you, dear Brothers and Sisters, for your share in our ministry, for prayers and support!

Here is some news about my family and me: — We have not had rest all together for a while. The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to stay in the sanatorium for three days. I thank you for your prayers. Our senior daughter graduated from the College. Our missionary team continues to serve God. We have weekly meetings with the ministry leaders, pray for each other and plan. The SGA gave us good lessons for the training of leaders. God gives us an opportunity to tell other people about Him. It inspires me much. The Bible encourages me. Recently I finished a series of messages on the Epistle to Galatians. I read good books about discipleship and pastoral ministry. I check my health and visit the gym. It is a good opportunity to acquaint with new people, and I speak about Christ with people.

Ministry: We try to reach the goals. We have monthly classes with leaders. The ministry in Shugozero village goes on well. New people come to us, both children and adults. We visited a nursing home, and organized sport activities for children in the stadium. We had Easter and the Trinity Day festivities. We continue to reach people in Pikalevo town, and we give out Christian literature and information about the rehab centrers. We reach people in Tikhvin town. We have weekly prayer meetings with leaders and give reports to each other. We read the Bible together with unsaved people twice a week. We visited the orphanage. We give out about 1,000 Christian booklets and information about the rehab centers.

We have set goals for the next three months:

  1. To have regular meetings with unsaved people and read the Bible on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  2. To have 12 meetings with a group of leaders and listen to the reports.
  3. To have three workshops with leaders.
  4. To continue to distribute booklets with information about our ministry.
  5. To continue to influence people with whom we communicate at work, gym, in the places of study, and with our neighbors and friends.

Prayer needs:

  1. Please, pray for our ministry, and for our team.
  2. Please, pray for the churches in Shugozero and Pikalevo.
  3. Please, pray for people who come to read the Bible together with us.
  4. Please, pray for our families, especially for Anatoly’s family and his newborn son, who has heart problems.
  5. For our church planters in Karelia. They are very tired and want to leave their ministry for two years and come back home to restore.
  6. For my spiritual growth, for my wife and children.
  7. For the vehicle, which needs serious repairs. I do need a car for the ministry. I repaired it a year ago. Then new problems appeared because the car is old, made in 2000. I had to stop driving my car three weeks ago. I have to travel 140 miles only on Sunday to the church and back home. Please, pray for the repairs of my car.

I thank you for your prayers. I have difficult moments, but I always feel your prayer support.

I thank you for your prayers. I have difficult moments, but I always feel your prayer support.

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