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Editor’s Note: The image and testimony below were provided by an Orphans Reborn team member in Russia.

The servants on our Orphans Reborn ministry teams care deeply for the children to whom they minister.  Luda, who serves in Russia, is a perfect example of this!

If Only I Could

As you read her story below about an orphan named Vlad, you will see Luda’s pain and sorrow as she watches children who don’t deserve to be abandoned or feel unwanted. It must be especially heartbreaking for a mother like Luda — who loves her own children dearly — to look into the eyes of a group of children asking, “What about me?”

Sin affects so many other lives beyond oneself.  Let us keep praying for Luda as she continues to be a light to these little ones. And then pray for all of the children in Russia and other countries where SGA-supported churches are ministering to their hearts through Orphans Reborn. The girls and boys are longing to be loved by their parents. Here is the story of Vlad as told by Luda . . .

Vlad is 10 years old. His older sister and brother were taken to a family living in the Murmansk region of Russia, which is very far away from Vlad. That family didn’t want to take Vlad, and I don’t know why. Vlad then developed a complex: he began to fall into hysterics and say that nobody wanted him and that nobody loved him. The director of studies shared her concerns with me. And I suggested to her that I would take Vlad to my house on weekends.

I started taking Vlad to my family on weekends, and Bogdan became friends with him. We started praying together before going to bed and before eating. Vlad and [my husband] Bogdan started going to Sunday school at our church together, going shopping, and buying him food and toys. Vlad “came alive” and there was a twinkle in his eye. Even though we warned him in the principal’s office that I would only take him to visit me on weekends, he started calling me “mom.” Every weekend, he says the word “mom” so many times, as if he wants to make up for all his lost time, “mom, mom, mom!” He tries to include that word in every sentence. Every time I come to pick up Vlad, there are 12 other children looking at me with a questioning look that says, “What about me?” God, if only I could, I would take them all to my place.

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