SGA President Michael Johnson

Michael and Erin Johnson report on Immanuel’s Child Outreach in Russia

This past week my wife, Erin, and I took part in an Immanuel’s Child outreach in Ivanovo, Russia. Pastor Vladimir Mitskevich, an SGA-sponsored missionary pastor, and his church sponsored an excellent Musical Drama of The Christmas Story.

More than 300 children and adults participated — the largest group to hear the Good News about Jesus’s Birth at one time while we were in Russia last week. So much excitement filled the auditorium! The children all received gifts that SGA partners helped provide after the performance and they were thrilled.

What an amazing night it was! We were so glad to be a part of this night of joy and see so many smiling faces.

While we were in country, I had the privilege and blessing of preaching at the historic Central Baptist Church in Moscow, a church with a rich history. Rev. Billy Graham, as well as many American presidents, have spoken at this church in the past. The music from the choir and the church’s pipe organ was wonderful. The reverence the Russians express during their services is humbling. My wife had tears flowing. We looked around at so many older people who endured so much painful persecution for their faith before they finally had the religious freedom that we as Americans take for granted.

Thank you to all SGA partners who helped make Immanuel’s Child outreaches possible across Russia and her neighboring countries. We will have more reports from the field in the days ahead.

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